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Originally Posted by quentinparker View Post
Actually, yes that's a nice bonus too - to have the discussion for those who are serious about poly or curious over here and not re-invent the wheel...

But frankly, I was mostly interested in making sure some thoughtful poly folk from here went over to that FB group (which is open to the mainstream public and has plenty of comments by non-poly folk) and answered the questions left there by trolls and people who are just completely ignorant about poly.

And it looks like that is the case (thanks folks)!
I tried the link you provided, seems to only take you to a FB login screen. Seems you must have to have a FB account to participate ?

Me, refusing to take ANY part in the whole FB scene, won't be going there. Sorry.

But yes - poly ignorance is rampant. But it seems to be 'coming out'. It seems the most important phase right now is spending time dispelling the mis- perception that anyone that screws more than one person is 'poly' !
Seems we spend half our time here blowing holes in that myth and trying to educate people to the more complex nuances of making a life with more than one person in a truly loving & nurturing way.

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