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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hey GC,

Glad I saw somewhere in the thread that the point of SAFETY came up. Your BF is on track by having that as concern # 1, and as you press for your independence (openness) he's justifiably going to a LEAST want to know that you are operating in safe mode before anything else. Meeting total strangers in a park, depending on your location and park, could be considered risky.

yes, safety is big here in our house. I always think I'm a big girl and can handle myself but I do need to hear someone tell me to "be safe" or I forget. I can get caught up in the romance and fancy shiny new feelings.

I'm always really hard on my bf because I have to remind him about using protection when he is with other girls. He knows but I just like to remind him. So I shouldn't get upset if he worries about what trouble I could get myself into. We both have different dating styles so it can be work trying to come together on some things.
I know it's silly. In my last thread I was worried because he wanted to meet partners online, now here I am doing exactly that, even though it was not intended. Story of my life.

one another note: One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that this is not a race. No one should be keeping score. Just because he has someone does not mean I need to have someone. I see other couples dealing with this and I try not to get caught up in thinking this way, and eye for and eye.
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