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Default Hello hello!

hey everyone,
i'm terrible at introductions, but er here goes! I'm a 19 year old male aussie, currently in a monogamous relationship. Been with her for 6 months officially, but known her for about a year now. This is my first relationship i've ever been in properly, and kind of stumbled across polyamory as I got slightly disillusioned with monogamy. I'm very analytical, and I started thinking about all the assumptions monogamy makes, and how it kind of forces unnatural rules on our approach to love, and is backed with justifications that don't always make sense. I've found that polyamory (at least in theory) seems much more 'right' to me. I'm sticking with my relationship because I love my girlfriend, and I know that suggesting polyamory would offend her and she would be unable to do something like that. So, faced with the choice of her or polyamory, I'm sticking with her. Though I thought I'd join here to start reading/talking more about it, and continue exploring this concept, because I hope to incorporate polyamory into my lifestyle in the future.

Thanks for reading
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