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Default *sighs*

I've noticed that I'm getting really tired of being in the house all the damn time, at least when I'm not working. I'm either at one house or the other and I just need a change of scenery. So I set up a date where all of my girls and I could go out to a club. Ariel has been wanting to go and Marius and Vegeta have never been to my knowledge. It was going to be tonight but life happened.

Marius and Ariel are trying to start a legit baking company and to start off they are having bake sales, seeing what recipes work etc. They are doing one tomorrow with Thunder's mom and earlier today Marius told me that they wouldn't be able to go because they still have tons more stuff to do for the bake sale. To her credit, she said all this in a really nice text. It kinda annoyed me though because I felt blown off especially when Marius (after a few more texts) said that she wished I wouldn't get annoyed so quickly because some things we can't control. At that point, I just wanted to stop talking about it instead of ask what was screaming through my mind, what things?

See, cause I had this set up: I got us in for free on a DJ list, I got flowers for everyone, set aside money so that I could buy everyone drinks; I even had surprises for all of them, including buying the whatever food we wanted for later. And I can't be annoyed? It makes me feel like my emotions aren't being validated. Although I know they didn't know all the things I had planned and I can't hold that against them, it still bugs. Unfortunately, I have a serious lack of friends and I don't feel like fighting with Andulvar about going to the club solo.

Ironic that Rage would do this with me in a heartbeat but I kinda feel bad about invite someone to go dancing when their leg is all busted up, especially someone who loves it as much as she does. Kinda like it would be a slap in the face, you know?

Anyhow, I guess I'm not really that mad about it, never was in the first place though I kinda fucked up the flowers so I guess I took it out on them. At least I saved the surprises because though are a super shade of awesome. It's least I'm going out tomorrow night with a friend for some serious me-time because I think that's where this kinda stems from, I need some me-time. Away from my fucking house.

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