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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Better yet maybe you should go to a hotel and treat yourself to not having to be the hostess and then you can just focus on you and do whatever you want to do for the weekend. It's his SO, he should be the one taking care of her and making sure she's comfortable when she visits.
My first thought when I read this was "Oh hell no!" I am not going to clean, change sheets and prepare for a guest, then have to exit my home, then come home and clean up after them again? And I can guarantdamntee that he isn't going to be the one on hands and knees making sure the shower, toilet and bathroom floors are clean, sheets are clean and back on the bed, towels are clean and folded and ready to use, floors are vacuumed, etc.

No way. They can go to a hotel and sleep in someone else's bed and use threadbare towels while listening to kids run up and down the hallway and the dog in the room next door bark all night.

I am going to stay home, in comfy pajamas, fire place going, favorite drink in hand, control of the remote and my favorite movie.
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