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Some very good advice here, I think RedPepper is a genuine love guru. Seriously, Red, you should write a column, if you don't already.

One thing I did want to note is how absolutely important it is to be 100% clear, cut and dried with us menfolk. If you're trying to subtly intimate something, we just aren't gonna get it. Be clear, direct, and to the point. Say everything you're feeling and need him to know 3 times, 3 different ways, and then it'll probably sink in. Maintain eye contact too, if he's looking at your boobs, he's not listening, he's thinking about your boobs. This is truth, I know it is so, because I am HORRIBLY guilty of being imperceptive sometimes. I'm not saying you haven't BEEN clear, but I thought it may be worth revisiting in your mind on the off chance that maybe you weren't as clear as you thought you were.
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