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Thanks J, I read that post several times. I can't agree more.

I have a question for you all, maybe you can help me with this:
I am discovering that our relationship is developing in the way that I had hoped and could not be happier… but I have this fear of the future. The what-ifs, you know? What if he leaves me for someone else, what if this relationship is a bad idea for someone who has gone through a divorce, AND a rape? I am sensitive to these things, and definitely do not want to purposely place myself in a bad situation. Everything else about this relationship is great at the moment – great sex, open communication, friendship, honesty, fun, chemistry, respect...

Any advice from someone that has had similar experiences in the past?

What of this is me trying to overcome social conditioning? And, is this a natural part of overcoming this, if so? Or should I listen to these fears more seriously?

When do you decide to pay attention to what the future might hold, instead of focusing on the present, even if the present is good? Do you ever?

As you can see, I am confused... again.

If mono is reading, I would like some input from you too... thanks!
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