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Default belize polyamory lifestyle

Thanks for your reply! We are semi-retired now. We own a business in Canada. We must first expand and then we are planning on selling it, but in the meantime it supports us while we travel. We live in our RV full time and we are looking at Belize because:
-We could drive our motorcoach to it and live on land purchased.
-I have an Aunt and Uncle thinking of moving there in July, so at least we would know somebody
-snowbirding is not really working that well for us. Because we are full timers, our 6 months in the states is awesome, but our other 6 months in Canada is sometimes not so great weather wise. We are only allowed a maximum of 6 months in the US.

However, our full intent is to live a polyamorous lifestyle if the opportunity arose. We very much want to find a female or others, to live with us (which might be easier if you have a home in Belize to offer) and we are discreet, but we do not want to go to jail, foreign or otherwise.

Thanks for your perspective
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