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Had a nice evening with the boy last night. I showed him how if you stand in our bathroom upstairs you can talk to me in my room below. heh, poor tenants. The things they must of heard.

We lay in bed and talked and watched science shows on line... LB loved it! I told him that he can come down and see me if he wants and I am not busy, that the whole house is open to him to be in now when Dave and I say it's okay for him to come down... we talked about a door one day and that maybe we should get walkie talkies... maybe borrow from grand dad.

LB is good I think, he had a really good time and told me all kinds of stories about his life and people in it... we had a really good catch up and set a ton for future quality time in my room

PN and I went to a movie last night. It occurs to me that I don't write much about our time together, mostly as he doesn't write here, so I know he doesn't see it... that doesn't mean we don't have time together and connect though.

I am really enjoying that he is writing on my fb group for "poly peeps all over" We have had some discussion there and I have been encouraging him to participate as he is a wise man but not that interested in sharing his wisdom (drives me crazy)... only to himself right now... he has a website coming that he has been writing for for a good year. It has taken up all his time and he has some brilliant writing coming on relationships. I will be sure to note the link when he has it live.
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