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Originally Posted by fairydust159 View Post

Ultimately I came to the realization that being polyamorous is about more love, not less, and that I wasn't going to sacrifice my happy marriage for the POSSIBILITY of other happiness. After all, even being actively poly doesn't guarantee that we will find another person who makes us as happy as our current partner, especially since the pool of candidates open to poly is so small. So, I found my "happy place" as a passive polyamorous person living in a monogamous relationship. Yes, I wasn't able to embrace "all" of me, but it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be. After all, we are a happy couple!
That statement hit me upside the head the most out of what everyone has posted so far. Thank you Fairy. In all the reading about poly and how much it is described as increasing the amount of love, I have yet to see it turned around as you did. The logic part of me says that makes complete sense. Its going to take some time to process emotionally though, and to find that 'happy place' to settle in to if thats what Saph and I decide is the best for us. Thank you again for those words.
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