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Default I don't care to listen...

I have not experienced this issue in the past although my SO and I have been poly for a while. He met someone about 2 years ago and it was on and off... now she visits our house weekends - she works 100 miles from here. To be fair - not every weekend... when she is her - I feel invaded. I find myself in the role of hostess (can't get myself out of that) and it really taps my energies - especially after a long work week. I clean the house for her visits...change the sheets...make breakfast... just what I would do for any company. I actually enjoy her company. At night.... she usually sleeps with my SO... (she IS a guest after all) and he is reveling in the new relationship energy... and I am envious of what she is getting. Being around all the time... I get the guy who falls asleep on the couch... rolls over and snores... masturbates without me... and farts

and right now... what bothers me is that I hear them -- no matter where I go in the house- I hear them... One might think it was hot... and I can see that... but I am not getting enough... and I could spit nails I am so horny.

No... I am not interested in joining them... I tried that a couple of times... and while I had fun the bottom line is that I got to see up front that he INDEED remembers how to do all that stuff... just not with me.

Any thoughts?
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