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Default Time Apart

So I need some advice.

I'm taking a job at a bakery in Ohio. We can't leave the cats for a month, and Karmas about had it with Ohio anyway... so he'll be staying here in MD for the first 15 days that I'm gone and then joining me in Ohio for Christmas and possibly New Years.

We have never been apart for longer than a few days. And never while he's had a girlfriend.

How do you handle time away from your primary? What do you do to keep the long distance connection? How do you keep your mind from wondering to all the time they are getting to spend with their oso without you there?

Part of my issue on the whole poly journey has been feeling like I am missing out on something, it's actualy an issue that plays into all areas of my life.

The fact that I am gaining alot by taking this position, takes a far back seat to the inner talk of "but you'll be missing out on time with him. And he'll be with Cricket and not even thinking of you."

So yeah, any advice from those of you in LDR's or those with primaries who work a distance away, I'd love to hear your tips and tricks to get through this. This is something I've NEVER had to do and I want it to be a good experience.
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