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Default My Crazy Week

After my heart was eased on Monday, Tuesday was a good day. Wednesday was a good day but I was a little disappointed in myself Wednesday evening when I let the minglings of my evening spill over into my quality time with my love. The time was still well spent though and we got in plenty of "quality".

Then comes Thursday and it's hectic character. I spent most of the day in a conference call which resulted in me (and two other coworkers) spending some more time of that day booking flights, hotels, and rental cars for business travel starting November 14th all the way through December 4th. Ugh* This means, now that I have had two days of great quality time with V, after a week of reflection, emotional distress, and anxiety, I'm due to miss out on spending time with him for three weeks.

He did offer to take me to the airport on Sunday so that we could at least see each other before I left but ... I know he is going to have a late Saturday night so ... I declined as to not infringe on his sleep. It would be too much of a teaser for me anyway ... seeing him briefly and not being able to have him, knowing I'll be gone for a while. Guess I'll have to make sure to pack one of my toys.

Friday greeted me with more of the same, hence the reason, I am still at work at 733p (mtn). These changes have also stolen my Saturday since I will be spending it in the office preparing myself for my trip to Milwaukee on Sunday. I do look forward to going to Milwaukee since I can visit with the friends I missed seeing during my visit last month but I don't look forward to going to Milwaukee because the project I am going to try to clean-up is horrendous and the staff isn't all that helpful. Oh well, I am going to spend tomorrow putting together the work itinerary for the staff to follow and hope all goes well.
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