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Originally Posted by River View Post
Craigslist is like that, sadly, RG, but while it does function as some sort of (sad) indicator, it's helpful to remember that a lot of other queer-friendly or gay dating sites are far more relationship oriented or welcoming.
I looked at CL a couple times cuz I had been wondering if I could find a tranny or drag queen that was bi or straight (I doubt the last exists), because I find that I am so attracted to my BF female persona, but not to female "equipment" so to speak, but what I found there was... not nice. I'm not really wanting to just find someone to experiment with either really... a relationship would be good but..I don't know how that would fit into my current situation.

What I really want is to have some form of sexual relationship with my bf's female persona, because if I tell the truth, it's not just being attracted to any drag queen.. it's him/her that makes my heart go....flip-flop.

I'm scared to ask him if we could try anything sexual because 1) I would want him to tell his bf (my metamour) and get his approval and I don't think his bf would be happy about that at all, and 2) I'm not sure that C. is open to it, but I don't know. I guess I won't know if I don't ask, but I'm afraid of a negative reaction. Even though he is very sexy with me and seems to delight in turning me on when he's in drag, he's not that way with me as a boy... which means....I don't know what. LOL I will say that my metamour does not want anything to do with C.'s drag persona outside of a show situation and is pretty adamant that C. not drag out unless he gets paid. So, my dreams of taking her on a date, seem right out. For now.

I do want to ask you guys something tho... if you formed a deep emotional bond with a woman, would sex be right out if you are defining yourself as "gay"? I'm not really looking for sex as penetration per se (especially since that's sort of a minor impossibility in full drag) but kissing, petting, rubbing etc... I know, it was not too long ago I was saying I didn't need that really and I would never push it... but it would be a plus.

By the way, I've had more than a few of my own Craigslist ads flagged and removed BECAUSE I said I was looking for more than just a sex partner for the moment. CL is treated as turf by sex addicted, intimacy avoidant "whores" (as you call them). They hate guys like you and me. They hate us for our relative freedom and how it reminds them of their own terrors. They don't want to have us around because we represent the freedom they feel they cannot embrace: the freedom to love in whole way.
Wow. That is intense. I never thought about it that way. It's sad that they can't approach relationships in a loving way. I think people like that must miss out on so much. I was involved with someone for 12 years that only gave me sex and it was the most unfulfilled relationship I ever had.

I just came from an especially interesting, good, happy, smooth, friendly, long conversation which began with two guys I just met, Christopher and Daniel. It was really cool. And then Christopher took off, so it was just Daniel and I, and we continued to sit and talk in the Santa Fe Plaza park.... And then Daniel brought up homosexuality. And things began to get bad. He's not the least open minded on that subject, says all gay people have a "soul sickness" and he hopes people will "straighten it out". It started with some mention (his) of rainbows, and how the conspirators behind the scenes have co-opted the rainbow for use as a gay symbol -- stolen from the "rainbow warriors".

Oh wow. I am so sorry. I get so upset when I think about how hard it was for both my guys to come out and how horrible some friends and family were to them. I feel sorry for the people that have missed having these two wonderful guys in their lives. More for me! :-)

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