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I suggest that you look at the stickies for any links that you think are something that you would be interested in... that and do a search on here... there is a lot of really good information and support on here that has come up since this forum began... not just in the last couple of days, I suggest that you immerse yourselves in study at the moment and nothing more.

With a whole lot of education under your belt I would be surprised if you didn't start talking about what kind of poly life you would like to see happen... begin talking about your poly... YOUR poly, how would you describe it to each other, to yourself, to others... what would work and what wouldn't, what boundaries do you need to have at the moment in order to feel safe, respected, loved and cared about? Remember these boundaries are fluid and can change and grow as you do...

Then I would suggest finding community off line. See if there is a group of people close to you that meet or find like minded people on line and start holding a regular time to meet up. There is no better way to find partners and other like minded people than to start talking about it and organizing meet ups. You will need friends as much as a partner at some point. I can't stress that enough.

When a partner does come into your life, then we are all here for you to bounce it all off of... hell, we are here now to bounce stuff off of

I think it is wise to go slowly and work up to a comfort level that creates opportunities on your lives... there is no rush, you are talking and that is just the beginning... respect the process and it will all unfold... enjoy!
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