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Originally Posted by SvartSvensk View Post
It sounds like all the right discussions have been had, and that you have a great support network for all this, that's awesome. My wife went through a lot of the same emotions you are when I brought up being Poly... I think it's pretty standard. Jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, etc. I had some of these feelings myself when she took a lover.

What helped her get over her worked up jealousy was taking a lover. That kindof puts into perspective what has been said - I guess it actually hits home when you experience it. We're still new at this, but hey, maybe you need a boyfriend.
That is precisely why I asked him to wait for me to find a boyfriend. If we go at the same pace (at least for this first one) and experience all the feelings together, it will not only make us closer but help us both understand and be there for one another.

I REALLY need a boyfriend lol. I've talked to several men and women and so far I have no real sparks with anyone. The woman my fiance has chosen is perfect but she's straight so there's goes that idea . I may sound strange but I would prefer this first foray into this lifestyle to be with a man and not a woman since we cannot share our first. I feel like it will be more equal that way.
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