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Smile Silver Linings :D

Thanks RP

Not too fond of the good old brick wall scenario - but am very familiar with it

On the upside (to me) T's facebook profile picture has resumed its ever changing appearance. K doesn't see it as a good thing - says that T is living by proxy essentially. I see it as keeping the channel open?? I suppose - while T figures out what he wants from all this.
Though I have to admit his latest pic has me confused - the cover art to the song "November Rain" by Guns N Roses. Not a happy song - which is to be expected but the lyrics send the most confusing messages - back and forth all over the place... add to that that the video is based on a short story in which the bride committs suicide...
V.Confusing especially as he chooses these things very carefully, so now I am curious about which message in the lyrics he is sending... and hoping that the following song doesn't appear (November Rain was no 2 in a trilogy - the third had Axl (as the main character) committing suicide himself...) very dark and dreary and likely is simply telling me he needs space still *sigh* just wish he would write to us, talk to us would be even better.

And to update on my own thoughts, I have decided to write a letter to both K and T setting out the answers to all the questions - both by K and RP, as they stand in my heart and mind at the moment, and make clear that that is my wish not what has to be... and go from there...also making clear to T that while a response would be appreciated that I don't expect one until he is ready to give one, and that I understand that may be never...

It is this decision which has restored my spirits lately (I am having some bad days medically speaking, pain tablets are only taking the edge off and it looks like I'll have to take sleeping tablets tonight), being able to promise myself honesty to myself, as well as my loved ones has brought me a great deal of peace. Decisions are such freeing things...

Now to figure out the answers
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