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Default Michigan has much to offer depending on your area

Here's a group in Ann Arbor, MI

[EDIT 2011/04/21: Ann Arbor Group no longer meeting.]

Here is another group from Grand Rapids area:

So far we've rarely done a daytime thing. Usually we meet on a weekend night. Seems like a lot of people, kids or not, work during the week. This is not true of me, unfortunately, so it has been difficult to schedule sometimes.

I think I was planning to try for the evening of the 21st this time around. But I'm open to attempting a daytime gathering after Labor Day as well. Then we get the best of both worlds. I also know that some have discussed kid friendly meetings too. Anyone up for a picnic at a park sometime?

What say the rest of the crowd?


They had a meeting last week and had some great input you may like to see also:

Hey all!

Last night at our wonderful meeting, I was asked to email out links for sources about Polyamory, especially dating sites.

Here's the list I composed right now...if you have others, be sure to respond so that others can benefit!

Best comprehensive poly guide online: http://xeromag. com/fvpoly. html
Also the poly links page that Franklin compiled - include a couple of links I would have posted, like polymatchmaker. com, as well as a full list of all the books we talked about last night!: http://xeromag. com/fvpolylinks. html

Dating sites not listed at xeromag:
www.okcupid. com (this has a mix of people on it that are poly or not, but it's very poly friendly and free)
www.lovemany. com (I haven't used this, but I've heard good' s newer so the more people who join it and get others to join, the wider the network becomes!)

As I said, this is a quick list, feel free to add more if you'd like!


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