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Aha... I believe these are the quotes I was referring to.

"The problem with Christian culture is that we think of love as a commodity. We use it like money...I was guilty of using love like money, withholding it to get somebody to be who I wanted them to be....I replaced economic metaphor, with something different, a free gift metaphor...That is instead of withholding my love to change somebody, pouring it on them lavishly..." Donald Miller

"While the greedy see the world with limited resources, the generous always operate from an abundance mentality. The greedy take to ensure they will never be without; the generous give without fear. Generosity is the natural overflow of love." Erwin McManus

The abundance vs. scarcity applies to many aspects of life (relationships, finance, education, etc).
I think that when I read these as a young teen, I saw them primarily in relationship to people since money wasn't on my radar screen. In my family, love and affection were tools and weapons, given when "merited" and withheld to punish. So this idea seemed so beautiful to me and it still does. That love isn't like tokens at an arcade that can be spent. It's much bigger than that. Obviously both of these quotes come from christian theology. I'm not sure where I am with that these days. I know that I feel that fear, that fear that I'll be without (usually referring to love and affection). It can be hard to trust that love is there.
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