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Well, I kind of decide that this is a choice...I could certainly live my life as in a monogamous relationship with my current boyfriend but I'm bisexual and I have needs that he knows he will never be able to fulfill. Also, as a human male, he needs variety, naturally. Therefore, this is a lifestyle for me that I have chosen.

Ben and I sat down and agreed that we are human beings. We need variety and that it's not really possible for us to be attracted to the same person...and only that person for the rest of our lives...

so maybe it's not a choice, naturally...You can live a miserable life, cheating and pretending to be something you're not...or you can be who you are and have an intimate relationship with your girlfriend and your boyfriend and get all your cookies!

We all know...or I hope that most of us here know that homosexuality and bisexuality is not a choice... and that's mostly the issue of poly relationships...right? one who is bisexual and needs both to be happy...and that's fine. Or sometimes you need that preppy hot jock guy with huge pecks and others you need that badass tattooed guy with the green mohawk.

It makes sense to me...
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