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Default three point summary of an open relationship

This three point summary is from the link below... thoughts?

Path toward better open relationships. The three-point summary:

1. Inviting people to share responsibility with you allows for more fun than trying to control them.

2. There's enough (intimacy, love, sex, attention, etc.) to go around.

3. These two above ideas constitute a different paradigm for relationships than the commonly held belief of scarcity and needing to control one's lovers. If there's a conflict I'm aware of it's not between monogamous and non-monogamous relationship models but between a world view premised on abundance and autonomy vs one premised on scarcity and the need to control those in one's sphere. The two world views are not compatible, there isn't a happy mid-point compromise between them, and they aren't equally good at guiding people to be decent to each other. If you're living your life in abundance and dating somebody who believes they live in scarcity, they're the one whose world-view needs to change.
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