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I think that's what I feel torn about. I know that I care a lot about him but I worry that I could stay around forever and things might never move forward. I have expressed this to him and he didn't really have anything to add. Until we know what A is thinking, there's not much more to say. I did however have a thought on my way home. I think he believes that if I weren't dating him, I'd be out playing the field, getting laid and doing normal 21-year-old things. But I KNOW that if I had never dated him, I'd be exactly where I was when I met him. I'd probably still have never kissed anyone and I doubt I'd have gone on many dates and I certainly wouldn't be sleeping with anyone. Or probably even considering it for that matter. I have a lot of past issues that have given me a lot of inhibitions and he's been helpful in beginning to breaking through those. He thinks he's holding me back but he doesn't realize that he's propelled me farther forward than I ever would have gone on my own.
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