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Sure, she and I do have a good rapport. Daresay, we may be beginning to become friends. She and I are both pretty shy so it's been slow to develop. We have a lot of interests in common. The three of us hang out pretty often and she and I will often do stuff together while he goes and does stuff around the house. She just is one of those people who holds their cards pretty close and doesn't really share much of what's going in her head about her feelings to anyone. It doesn't necessarily mean she's unhappy or anything, she just doesn't talk about her feelings much. She and I have had a few conversations about the relationship and the most I could get out of her was that she was comfortable and would tell us if she wasn't. To be fair, he hasn't gotten much more out of her either. I often wish that she and I could share more of our feelings about everything with each other but that's just not how she is. Neither of us is good at taking the initiative in relationships and until we're able to get past that, we won't know each other on more than a superficial level.
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