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Yeah, I'm a bit confused too, Danny. I'm not sure what he means because I agree, i'm already "in." We haven't sat down and deconstructed that statement. I hope to in the near future. He's of the "break up quickly and honest" school of thought so I don't believe that to be the case. We are moving at the pace of his wife but my concern (and I did voice this to him) is that I'm not sure she intends to work though those things so that we can move forward. She doesn't talk a lot so neither of us are all that sure of what she's thinking. She's fine with where things are but in my opinion you don't usually wake up one morning and say, sure honey, go have sex with soandso. it won't bother me one bit. From what i've seen, it seems to be a process and often a difficult one. I think he's been waiting for her to be magically fine with it all but I don't think it happens that way.
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