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Hello everyone I am new to this label I have felt like this for as long as I can remember.. My father had two women living in the same house ... I have had 3somes and women living in the house with my wife and I... Even my brother has a wife and a g/f... But I need help fixing this problem I have created for myself.....My wife and I have been through a few rough spots and thing get better then get shitty again... But I love her ... Now here is the start to the problem I had met a young lady that I was attracted to and I wanted to ask her if she would be interested in having a 3some...So I got her number her internet info and we started talking she told me I was crazy its far fetched ect... But she didnt say no..So I kept pushin for it... I introduced her and my wife , they seemed fine...Then I realized I started liking her more than the others b4 her... But had no intention in leaving my wife for her...or cheating on my wife... So I had talked to this girl about polygamy and told her to watch BIGLOVE ect.. Told her thats how I wish life could be multi wives ect... She thought it might work ...My wife seemed okay with it too.. Then I excluded my wife one night to go to the girls house and watch a show and talk more... My wife flipped out on me and things got super ugly.. My wife told me I should have never chose the girl over her ect...Which I didnt feel I did...(its to late to make this short but I am trying)... anyway My wife and I started going down hill again and we split up I didnt think we would ever get back together so I started dating this other girl... My wife wanted me back so bad she told me that she would do the poly relationship so that we could be together once again... So I put some thought into it and agreed to go for it... never stopped loving my wife and I figured that she deserved another chacne if she was willing to do this for/with me..After less then a month My wife forced me to break it off with my g/f.... I was not happy at all ... But I did...well I alowd my wife to do it..So I falll off the wagon get shitfaced and go to this girls house becasue I realize I love her as well as I love my wife... I tell my wife the next day after I sober up and she gets upset and angry .. Now she knows I am with this girl but doesnt want to accept it... But I dont know what to do I love both of them... I love both of them alot... My wife tells me to find a new girl but I dont want to...Someone please help and I know I messed up somehow someway I just need help getting through this... Oh and by the way THANK YOU ALL ... I finally feel normal
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