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Slutcracker! That's awesome. I love it. I wonder if anyone out anything on line in the way of a video. Will have to check.

That night of lovin broke my vagina. it needs some respite. Sometimes I don't take enough care of that poor ol thing. *sigh*

Note to self...*lube* II will like that...

Seriously though, sometimes it feels too good to stop. Then I pay after. Now its broken and Mono and I are off on holiday (by the ocean) this weekend to a hotel in a near by town. It will have to rest until then... Something that is just impossible for us. We are once a dayers, for penetration. We do more than that in a day most often, but it will be hard for us to not have penetration.

I guess it will have to build. Nothing wrong with that, I just hope the old girl is ready to be dustroyed again.

I will go and buy a large lube bottle today. And some yeast infection cream. Antibiotics didn't help my condition I don't think. I will wait it out and see what happens. No need to medicate if I don't need to. I am not big on medication at the best of times.

This is a rather personal post! Geesh, well, now you know what is under our day to day.
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