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Smile happy

hee hee, i feel all giddy...i'm twitterpatted.

i know that i haven't been here long but i feel comfortable sharing. my bf and i, and his wife this morning are all in agreement that it's ok to say i luv you.

wow, i haven't felt this in a long time.

we had a long talk about things that were nagging at me. he made me feel better...and not just by bullshitting me, but actual actions.


i'm not sure if i introduce myself in the inro section, but, i am 41, mother of 4, work part-time & go to school. divorced 2x. i'm so happy not to be locked into the idea of monogomy, we were poly & swingers in my first marriage, not second. i feel happier than i have in years due to being on my own again. thanks for listening.
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