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Originally Posted by dragonflysky View Post
He also had a closed head injury about 3 years ago from a motorcycle accident, so that may contribute. I guess my biggest concern is that I don't think he really sees some of this as a "problem". I think he sees it as "that's just how I am."
The head injury could actually be a big contributor and that won't be corrected with ADHD medication. He won't see it as a problem, until someone else insists that it is. We all have things about us that are "just how we are", but that doesn't mean we can't take steps to make ourselves better or that that part of us is a good part.

Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
But ADHD medicine is not for when you're "extra stressed"... it's for when you want to function better in all areas of your life, which for me at least is all the time.
You might want to get more into the specifics of why he doesn't take it all the time. Both of my kids were on medication for a while. The side effects were so bad with my oldest, that we finally just stopped everything. It was the newer, more expensive, so called "better" medications that he couldn't tolerate. I would rather have to constantly remind them of things than have them suffer from migraines, nausea and insomnia.
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