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Originally Posted by Erato View Post
......... The very idea of only being intimate with him is...dare I say...kinky to me? It's bizarre but I can't think of how else to describe it. He made me see how monogamy can be beautiful and pleasurable without being restrictive and suffocating.
Interesting perspective Erato,

Does this maybe underscore how labels of any type can be illusions and distracting ?

Love is about feeling good, feeling fulfilled with our connection with someone. That fact that one person seems to be all we need/can handle at a given moment isn't about changing labels I think. And the fact that that's 'enough' for you - for now - doesn't change the fact that you acknowledge this connection could appear again at some future time. If/when that does happen, it won't be a source of confusion and turmoil for you (hopefully).

And it seems THAT is what poly is really about. It's as much understanding & philosophy as action.


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