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Default Is poly a decision or a person's nature?

I came across this blog today and it got me thinking.... here is what it says,

"Polyamory is a lie that people use to make themselves feel different. They puff their chests out and proclaim "I'm poly!" to be trendy or to justify sneaking around on their spouses.

Guess what? No one, NO ONE gets all or his or her needs meet in one relationship. If someone decided to get his sexual needs met through multiple partners, that is a decision, not something in his genetic code. And if someone decides to fill her romantic cup with more than one lover, then that is a decision, not some driven need. Having multiple sex partners and multiple lovers is common as DIRT!

If I get hungry several times a day, it is because I am human, not a polymealist. And if I sleep once a day, it is because I am human, not a monosleepist.

Get over it, people! You make your decisions how to live your lives. Don't go pretending that you are different from other people."

what do we all feel about this? Is poly a decision? or not.....?
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