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Thanks for the well wishes.

More background: my new interest, R, is an MD, an anesthesiologist. Therefore he works long hours during the week, but is only on call one weekend every 2 months. Since I met my gf we have reserved weekends for each other, but I guess that will have to change now, if R and I become a thing. He wants to see me this Sunday. He lives in Boston quite near my gf's place but hasnt visited my city of Lowell (20 miles north of Boston) and would like to come see me in Lowell this weekend.

My gf's new guy, M, lives in a close suburb of Boston. He's a tech geek like her and can chat online most of the day, so they chat a lot. I don't get to chat w R as much. I'm a bit envious of this, but not jealous.

Having new people in our lives, it's kind of like we both have new friends, and it's fun to share w each other the things we are finding out about our guys. Our relationship with each other, since it's still fairly new, was never boring or constricting, so we didnt *need* new energy to be excited about each other all over again, but it's definitely adding a new dimension to things.

Another aspect of my gf's new guy is that he is sub to his gf, they are in a M/s relationship. And my gf is potentially going to be M's slave, if it all works out. She's been a lifestyle slave before, and craves it for her own development, but I am not quite sure how this dynamic will work out since she and I are a couple. I'm kinky but fairly ignorant of lifestyle Master/Mistress/slave couples/triads. My gf has been looking all along for a Master or Mistress who is fine with her having a gf and can respect that and make it all work.

I've looked at the okc profile of M's gf/mistress and she seems kinda intimidating and ... bitchy. Ive been told she is less so in person and her profile is just meant to put off the asshole guys there. However, she invited herself along on my gf's lunch date tomorrow! But she'll only be with them for part of the date.

So now my gf is all twitterpated and primping for her date. I hope it goes great.
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