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A couple of weeks ago Possibility kind of half jokingly mentioned that it would be kind of neat if all of us got a place together. We've talked about it once since then. I think it would be kind of neat to have everyone together.

Right now the thought is just rolling around in my brain, getting the feel of it, deciding if it feels right or not. I haven't mentioned it to Breathes yet as I'm not quite sure yet how I feel about it & it's better for me to wait until I'm sure of my feelings before even attempting a discussion because I end up tripping over my tongue trying to find the right words. Most of the time I would think it would be great but then I think about my needing quiet time & wonder how I would get that with all those people around. There would be five adults, two kids under ten & two teens (the teens are part time). That's a whole lot of people!

I told him that we should wait at least a year. We want to make sure things will work out between us, save up the money and look for a place. I think buying would be a lot cheaper than renting though especially since we would need at least six bedrooms, plus kitchen/dining room, living room, bathroom, basement which could be converted to media room, laundry room, etc.

It's only in these early morning hours that I feel kind of blah about it, like my brain just doesn't want to work yet so I think I'll let my brain finish waking up, lol.

My dad's leaving today for two weeks in Washington visiting his brother. It's the first time he's been since Mom died. We had a family dinner last night. The food was OK (it's never awesome there, I DO wish he'd find another place to eat *sigh*) He got a family picture taken, all eight of us.

Hnnnnn, I'm feeling rather melancholy for some reason
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