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I am indeed an empath. My Myers Briggs is ENFP.

I have pushed myself to not be or at least to separate myself from my emotions and others. To take on my stuff and be an observer of others instead. This forum has been good practice of that for sure.

Right now my empathy lies with mono's ex wife. She recently found out about us and I feel everything she might be about her loss, her anger, her confusion and judgment and hatred. Last night I couldn't get beyond it for various reasons that I won't go into on here, but I cry often for her sake. I'm not sure why I feel it so fully and endlessly. I wish it would stop sometimes and I wish I could go over there and explain to her everything that will take her pain away.

I know that is not possible and a pie in the sky alternative. It is very possible that she feels none of those things and is infact more happy than she ever was before. Who knows. I hope one day I get to meet her and find out for myself.

If I were sympathetic I would simply think these things rather than feel them.
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