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I understand this feeling all too well. I have a boyfriend of just over a year who isn't able to tell me he loves me. He is very caring and affectionate. He just has issues with the "3 little words" but sometimes I feel it's more than that. I can't help but wonder what our future holds sometimes, I would really like some sign of a deeper relationship between us. I would love to exchange rings someday, have a commitment ceremony. He's had long term relationships before me, without marriage and he's said he's not interested in marriage. I'm already married, so an actual legal marriage isn't possible for he & I, but I long for him to truly be my "partner" in life - not just someone I have fun with and care about.
Some days it just feels so hard to be in love with someone who doesn't return that love. I've done my best to assure him of my feelings, I never want him to feel "second best" to my husband. I love them both so much.
I wish I could just accept our relationship as is, it's a "work in progress".
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