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Thanks Jodi,

I'm not sure if he feels guilty. It's not one of his driving emotions. I know he doesn't feel guilty about our relationship in general. I think he worries about me getting my heartbroken by becoming too attached to him. I don't understand why he can't accept that it is possible for me to care deeply about him, be physically involved and still accept the limits of our relationship. Even when I wish there was more it's always a vision of becoming a co-primary with his wife. And I'm also ok with that not happening. I'm open to dating other people and he worries that I won't give other people a chance because I'm too focused on him. I'm just picky though. When I met him, I felt a connection, things flowed. I don't feel that with people often. Why would I want to invest time in someone that doesn't make me feel that way? It's not that I'm not open, I just haven't met anyone else yet. Keep in mind, that I am young and likely stupid. I've never been in any other relationships except for this one. I've tried to explain to him that what I would like is to be physically involved again. but he keeps making excuses as to why it's not good for me.
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