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Today Mono made coffee for me and him when we got home. PN was still on the couch and LB was spending that afternoon with his granny. We chatted and discussed somethings, told stories, Mono showed PN the cover he is getting for his bike... we watched the birds in the feeder, the cats came and did cat things all over us as they do and Pistachio wheeked away in his play area... the sun streamed through and all was right in my world.

After coffee, Mono went down to see about covering his bike after a ride and when he heard me start the car to go and get LB he came around the front and asked if he could come along. Granny welcomed him as she would any family member and so did grampa. on the way home Mono said he was going to the Remembrance day service tomorrow so I suggested he go with my dad as he had asked me to go and I don't think I will be. Mono called him when he got home and they arranged to go...

Mono and I are going up to the island cabin next weekend... that is a HUGE step(see the link on our coming out that is indicated in previous posts) as my parents asked PN and to sign it over to them (we shared it) when we came out. The threat of Mono going there with me was too much. We were heart broken and now we are going there with them and LB next week for an overnight. First time. We are all going at Christmas.

Things are coming along.
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