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We are becoming more and more merged the longer Mono lives here. We all are together far more than I imagined. I am enjoying what is being created and feel more love than ever for my lovely men.. It has been bizarre since Mono moved in due to unforeseen circumstances.. all three of us on the top floor have been sick and taken almost a week off, my burlesque show and Halloween... I am STILL waiting for a routine to settle in. I'm tired of this upheaval.

Last night was my Mono night. I had two sick boys to put to bed first and double to do that I usually do. Tonight is no different, although it's a holiday tomorrow (remembrance day) and I have a four day weekend... so fuck it I got some laundry on and cleaned Pistachio's cage and play area (Guinea pig), so I think that is an accomplishment. Also did a $450 shop today... I've been REALLY neglectful on basics... bought a few clothes and Christmas presents also. I always shop for my parents and Mono and co-workers too, so some of that wasn't mine. Tried to find Derby a coat, but no avail. I will keep looking.

I could hear the doors of the wood stove open and shut and was so excited last night. I rushed through routines as fast as I could, left a throw up bucket, a cell phone, glass of water, acetaminophen and tissues by PN's bed and gave both boys instructions to bang on the floor if they needed me and headed downstairs leaving the smell of sickness in the house and two sleeping boys to be with Mono... he had the moon chair up to the fire, and I cut cheese, put my homemade chutney in a bowl and put crackers out for our supper... with a bottle of wine. WE sat all snuggy in the chair and talked, joked, teased and kissed for hours... until, well, these things lead to hours of other things...

What a perfect night and for the first time I was not across the city away from my child and not knowing what was going on... only a month ago I would not of left even if PN would argue with me that he was okay. Last night I had faith that I was only a floor away and could hear every move they made on the floor if they got up. I teared up about it and was so relieved... such a simple thing made so much better.
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