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It sounds like his sexual desire and adventurousness doesn't necessarily match yours... perhaps he is using you for sex. There is no reason that you can't scroll back a bit and see what happens. Perhaps your relationship is ready to move on to a more NREless version where you get comfy and cozy and just chill. Perhaps he will fill in where you have left off sexually and match you more. There is nothing wrong with either, the sex might come back again, or you might find another who is more suited to your tastes... don't give up and just settle, you can have it all... I advice that you keep tabs on how much you invest and how much time you have for a number of loves...

My concern here is that he might not be that keen on you finding another as he is "not allowing" his wife the same consideration (totally bugs! ). he does not own you and you are quite right in wanting to go out to be independent and find those that will fulfill your needs. Of course staying honest, respectful, moving at a pace that makes him feel comfortable and being empathetic is also important. When it comes to what makes you feel happy in life though, please don't deny yourself for others. You have one life to live and this is it, go and embrace life and all it has to offer... if he objects consistently then I would wonder if he is the man for you at this time.
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