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I agree that any new relationship (except maybe a one night stand - with someone outside your relationship set, when the relationship set is ok with one night stands), even what seems to one individual or even part of that set, to be casual friendship has way relationship changing dynamic potential. So far hubby has not done much, and neither have I. However, despite 'Squished' in my personal update, and despite some more med changes (or should I say, failure to have courage to make changes and just piling on more of 'em) by my shrink done today, yesterday and today have gone pretty well. Other than that my last kosher item from a phase when even my dishes were kosher, was 'treffed up' by my familly which was emotionally upsetting for some reason, even though to me it is more important that food be supervised in a kosher way, rather than all the separate dishes is more important to me. I live in a part of town where people have very few choices for safe, reasonably priced food.
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