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Originally Posted by yul View Post
The "I love her to death" comment was probably inappropriate and understand this now. Should be "'love her soo much".

Just as a note, I think what through us. Wasn't the till death part.

It was the "like until death"...very strange wording. In fact I have never heard it phrased like that.

I am working with SO right now to put this behind us. I have cut communications with 2nd until my SO decides she wants to go ahead...if ever.
Thats awesome, congrats and building the strong foundation will help in any future relationships

In the end, it wasn't so much about sex....not sure if this is possible in a poly relation. I need to read more.
Lots of things are possible in poly Poly in the strictest sense simply means to love more than one. What you do with that is your business. Ideally most of us strive for honesty and strive not to hurt those we love

but most of us are human and we fail at it sometimes
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