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Originally Posted by Erato View Post
So, after 3.5 months I'm still in love with Bold (perhaps more than ever before) and still excited to spend my life with only him - romantically and sexually speaking. I think he's still a lil wary of this, understandably after 1.5 years of debate on the topic, but I think it has been a load off for both of us. I never expected this to happen and I don't expect it to last forever but I am certainly enjoying having the same goals and similiar feelings about our relationship as my partner.
I think that's really cool and who knows you may find someone else that pleases you as well in the future. Even if you don't it gives you so much time to just focus on him and you so you can be rock solid. Thats why I was glad that I was mono with my boy for along time, I feel solid with him. Honestly, it's the one of the things I miss about it, more time for him and more time for just me. I have no "me"'s sad.
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