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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Very cool! The big thing is seeing relationships as individual and unique as the hypothetical coin or comic. It's very hard to do, no doubt because of the intensity of emotions involved and the primal nature of our resistance.
I think this is why I prefer to see it in terms of potentially-analogous human relationships. I don't feel for my two children the way I'd feel about two rare coins.

I can see analogies in my deep love for my children with my love for my partners: love of one child does not negate, lessen, or cheapen my love of my other child. If anything, it enhances the love I feel for both, because they are so delightfully different from each other. It's exciting to be with one, the other, or both.

But at least my partners are not still throwing the occasional temper tantrum, and can do their own math homework. *laugh*
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