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Hi Jodi. It's actually boyfriend's marriage that is likely ending down the road, because his wife figured out she's gay and no longer wants to be married to a man. He'd actually stay in the marriage if it was up to him, he still loves her despite the fact that she treats him like dirt, from what I can see. My own marriage is still great after 22 years together, four of them poly. So I can't offer boyfriend marriage, and I certainly can't offer him kids of his own. And he says he was perfectly comfortable with monogamy, until his wife dropped the "Guess, what, I'm gay" bomb. C'est la vie, right?

Thanks so much for your words of support, it's great to be able to communicate with people who actually get what this feels like. My mono friends and relatives would just say, you love your husband, why would anyone want more than that?

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