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right, i understand wht you mean, he's far away, but one/I and perhaps ur wife needs to validated, or have my feelings validated.

i think it might be something as simple as seeing him more tbh. the one night per week goes so fast. tonight's our night, so i'll see how it goes.

i really appreciate you replying to my post.

what does he do to show he cares?
- fixes little things at my place when he comes over

- texts me back when i text him that i want his body...he has trouble sexting, so i've lightened up on that. but puts lots of x's and o's on text.

- kisses and hugs me when we're together

thanks wayne.

- he watches my children along w/ his so his wife/my friend and i can go out.

- he'll say that he really appreciates dinner or that i look hot.

lol, this all sounds silly. but it's the truth. i hv tothink about this more.
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