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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
You want to give them a good impression and make them comfortable (or at least I do). The stakes are higher being that it's my husband. I would really hate to think when they are talking alone that she wonders what on earth he could possibly see in me.

Last night I danced around the kitchen like a doofus. It was fun and made the kids laugh but that's the kind of thing I'm not comfortable doing around her yet. I know that my husband knows her well and is really comfortable with her but I'm not in that place yet.
I totaly get this. It was part of why I called a stop to Cricket staying the night every weekend. I felt like I was losing my house, my husband and myself. I have my routines, and I need them. When someone is here,especialy someone I'm not comfortable with, I can't be myself and follow my routines so my whole me is thrown off.

I'm glad you guys talked about it and I hope you find a way to work through the new worries that were brought up.
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