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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
so what are you going to do about changing this, or are you okay with it??
Well I think that the first step is recognizing that this is the self talk that I have with myself and then I can interrupt it when it starts to happen. It's kind of a weird throw back to a younger me who really cared a whole bunch what people thought of her. I thought that I had moved past that but apparently there are still some situations where I'm really self concious. I'm not sure what the step is after interrupting the negative self talk. I'm not too sure what to replace it with, I'll work on it.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Soooo, why do you have to support her? I don't get it, she hasn't asked you to, you don't want to, you have a full plate already, it seems that if she encroaches you can just not be available. She has other partners to talk to, I'm not sure talking to you is the best idea anyways... I don't talk to your husband about you, other than to support you in something... maybe this is a worry that is not really based in reality yet... so therefore, you could just decide to let it go until there is a reason to worry?
I think that you're right. This is something that I have to let go of since it's not a reality at all but rather a worse case scenario. Since I already know that being her support would be too much for me I think I can work on making sure that I respect my own boundaries. Something for future Derby to worry about though
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