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Hmm I seem to have similar insecurities as those already posted - some how that is comforting...

More specifically I feel insecure when I feel left out. I love my fiance and my girlfriend (our relationship is very new, but so far is amazing). My fiance and GF started going out first, and they both live in the same city (I am 3 hours away, but am in town every weekend). I worry that their relationship is moving faster then mine can with our new gf just based on distance.
-Lies of any sort, even omissions meant to keep me from feeling hurt end up hurting so much more.
-I worry that because of school (only 5 months left though) but also my job (nurse to be) that I will not be able to "be there" for my loved ones when they need me. We talk all the time, but it is never the same as a face to face conversation, and being able to touch!
-I used to have a constant fear of being replaced, but that has dissipated recently. Not to sure why, maybe it is finding the right third. But more likely that I am feeling the pay offs of a poly relationship for the first time- and so now I know that I am not being replaced, but that another persons love enhances our relationship instead.
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