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All of those examples could be part and parcel to ADHD/ADD.
I'm ADD, so are both GG and Maca as well as every single one of our kids! The only person in the house who isn't-is my sister.

But-ADHD/ADD is manageable-not curable, but it is manageable. There is no reason that he can't learn to be reasonably attentive in regards to your feelings and polite in your company.

We use a calendar. Everything goes on it. Then everyone copies it to their own daily calendars, one person uses their phone, two of us use actual personal calendars, two of the kids use daily lists.... etc.

A friend who is ADD and husband and children all are as well uses google calendars where they can all put stuff in adn it updates to their cell phones. I've never tried that though.

As for being rude-while it's true that ADD causes some issues with open mouth/insert foot, because they "say what they thought before they consider it". That too CAN be controlled.

It's all about really taking the time to educate yourself about your own personal issues in regards to your ADD and then training yourself to use the "helps" that can be put in place so as not to do those things anymore.

It's an endless work in progress.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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