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Well, I spent some time with my family In Canada, it was totally wonderful, I even got to meet my sister and her hubby's girlfriend, who is very sweet.

Its very obvious L is not used to being away from loved ones for so long, so I felt bad, but M did really well, as we are so used to being apart, especially when its somewhere "safe". Coming back was a bit awkward. This was the only time M demanded that he be the one to pick me up from the airport. I didn't really see it as a big deal, and if it made him happy it makes me happy.

i was a bit sad that M was super hesitant for me making plans on Sunday and wanted to spend time with me, but on Sunday all he wanted to do was watch football.. which would have been fine but I know L really wanted to see me, so I was a bit irritated. I feel like things have changed in M's perspective so we are going to need to sit and talk about stuff just to see what is going on. he is working these new crazy hours that don't really make that work, but it is the most important thing to me.

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