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Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
Anyway, I sometimes wonder if being supportive of this particular situation is the most loving thing to do. But her judgement of people is far better than mine, so I'll stick with supportive until I see a really, really good reason not to.
Well, it does seem to drag on and on and.... So I can understand your wondering. Maybe what's best for you here is to simply be supportive of her in a general way--, rather than to "this particular situation". This could take the form of sharing any skepticism you may have about "this particular situation" and thus allowing her to do a "sounding board" thing with you. But I bet you've already been doing that.

Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
I'm not a saint. The idea of her being with him is also a sexual fantasy of mine. And I want/need more time to myself than I thought I would when we started out, so having someone else pay attention to her might take some pressure off of me. (That said, I do enjoy getting some attention from her, and would not like that to stop!)
That's pretty honest. And that's good!
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